MIME (Me in my Exmoor)

8th October 2004

Project MIME (Me in my Exmoor)

If you’re aged between 11 and 18, live on Exmoor and would like the chance to explore and record what’s happening on Exmoor today, then read on…

MIME is an exciting new project run by Somerset Rural Youth Project (SRYP). MIME gives you the chance to find out about what’s happened in your area in the past, and look at how that may link to your future. You’ll be able to tell it as it is from your viewpoint and get your voice heard! This is what’s on offer if you get involved:

Explore: Get out and about around Exmoor and record your experiences using digital and video cameras, sound recording equipment and laptops. As well as visiting some of Exmoor’s top locations, you’ll also be exploring other people’s experiences of everyday living on Exmoor and finding out about Exmoor’s history and your cultural heritage in a fun way.

Develop new skills: Learn new IT skills or try your hand at traditional rural skills such as stone carving, dry stone walling and woodworking.

By the end of the project you will have worked in a team to produce a high tech display and CD Rom of the project – and we can guarantee you’ll have some very good times along the way!

To find out more, contact:

Worker in Charge
Somerset Rural Youth Project
Suite 1 Higher Ford

Tel: 01984 623906
Mobile: 07890 270565
Email: madiell@:sryp.org.uk

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