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I just wanted to thank you again for the ex-men weekend that I have just completed. It was very professionally organised and ran most smoothly.

It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday on the Saturday and the whole weekend was simply a great ex-perience.

I look forward to seeing you again for the next activity.

Lee Clarke

Hi Mike

Many thanks for a terrific weekend. I am sure there wasn’t one ex-men whose expectations of the weekend were not exceeded.

At Wimbleball yesterday (fantastic weather you laid on as well) I asked the sailing instructor Duncan, what level of instruction/qualification is required to use a Laser Picos without supervision on Wimbleball. He said that the sailing club run intensive 2 day courses to bring you up to the required RYA level. Do you have any further information on these courses/when they are run/cost? etc. Also please keep me informed of the kayaking club developments.

Many of us were wondering if you could add windsurfing to the list of possible forthcoming ex-men events although we would prefer it if there was a ban on anyone under 16 at Wimbleball on the day to avoid as much embarrassment as possible while we attempt to remain upright for a brief moment in time.

On the subject of t-shirts/sweat shirts the company that I have used is called logos-unlimited,

Once again many thanks for a great couple of days.


Mike, just a short note to say a big thanks from Clive Woods and I for an excellent weekend.

I cannot believe just how much fun we had. I anticipated spending two hours of health and safety and an hour of red tape. Instead I found myself travelling at 30 MPH down some stoney bridlepath with a 100 foot drop to my side-bloody brilliant!

The A team were a great bunch and we all got on so well, it was a shame to say goodbye. I thought that I was pretty fit but was exhausted when I got back from the cycle and climbing.

I know that you must have worked pretty hard to put all that together and I want to say a big thank you to you and all the team.- it was one of the best weekends I have ever had. There is nothing that I would change or criticise.

Just one thing, it might be a better idea to have a washing up Rota so each team does their fair share. I was gobsmacked when people failed to volunteer to do their bit. What do people want, it was free?!! Anyhow Mike, hope to see you again.

I really enjoyed the watersports and am keen to sail and Kayak, so please e mail me if there are any days out planned. Would I need to purchase a Kayak or could I hire/borrow one?

All the best Ian Lambert-Gorwyn

Hi Mike,

Thankyou very much for organising the weekend. Really fantastic.

Got home and Ella told me that when she called to book me on the course, she was told that the weekend was just for men and she would'nt be able to come. If there is another similar event in the future she has 'first dibbs' (her words)...

I hope that Simon got sorted out without too much additional drama!

Steve phoned to say that he'd had a great time and wanted to take up every sport that he'd tried!

Thanks again


Hi Mike

Just wanted to Thank You for a Brilliant weekend, Mum and I had a Fantastic time.

We look forward to coming again soon and seeing the photos.

Thanks again

Anna & Fran Winston

Hi Mike - just a quickie to say what a fabulous weekend I have had with you and the rest of the team on the ex-men project - marvelous. The rest of the people taking part were great and I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves - just one question really - WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE!!!

How is young Simon who fell off his bike, out of hospital now I hope, please wish him well from me. I think that the weekend was all the more fun because there were people of all ages on the project and I think we all gelled really well and even though I had only known people for a couple of days, parting was still a bit sad.

Well done to you and all the team - please pass on my thanks to them all, I still can picture Alan at the top of the rock, please tell him how much I enjoyed his company and his expert tuition, thoroughly enjoyed climbing, I must admit I thought of bottling out of that one.

Oh! By the way, what news of the "Original Ex-men'' T-shirts? If you can't find anyone to do some e-mail the logo and I will find someone I'm sure.

All the best - Mike Ledbury - (a rather aching ex-man)


Thank you for all of your hard work in setting up the Ex-men weekend I had a great time and will certainly be looking out for any other activities you will be running. When our new centre is up and running next summer we will have a mini-assault course/trim trail, archery, outdoor trampolining and group development/problem solving equipment on site so I will keep you updated as this maybe information to put on the active Exmoor web page.

Thanks again for the weekend and thanks to Matt and Alan for hosting and instruction.



Hi Mike

Thanks for the photos and memories of a splendid weekend with the Exmen; and thanks also for all the hard work that you put in getting it organised. (having organised a few events myself I know that they do not just happen.....!!!!!!)

I will look forward to joining in on future activities.

The active exmoor website is growing well and is worth a regular visit to keep updated.

Best wishes

John Lowday (and son Tom)

PS My website about the furniture that I make is at

Had a great time. All the activities were excellent, especially the mountain biking.

I have told everyone I know all about it.

Thanks again mike for organising it.

Hope to be at the next ex-men adventure weekend

Tony North

Hi Mike

We still haven't come down from the high of your amazing x-men weekend. My muscles were hurting for days after, not from the superbly instructed activities but from the amount of laughing I did. That was mainly thanks to the A-team but I would say that for 31 random people we all hit it off brilliantly from the start.

We can't wait for the next one although the thought of going rock climbing again sends a bit if a shudder down my spine not just because I'm scared of heights though - eh Clive.

Mark is very keen to continue with the kyacking keep us updated.

Thanks again Mike & all the guys & gals at Pinkery, that was better than any weekend in a swanky Hotel & IT WAS FREE!!!! - Well worth a couple of hours washing & wiping up. Did the rest of you wonder how it got done? It was mainly thanks to the fab four Nikki, Mark, Ian & Wugga Boy.

Nikki and Mark Cook

Hi Mike

Thanks for all the info you have sent, the web site seems to be getting bigger by the minute! Have tried to send mail via the newsboard but doesn't seem to work for me! Anyway, thanks for the fabulous weekend, I had a brilliant time and felt like I had Known the A Team for years! A great bunch of people and some exhilerating activities! Would love to do more but difficulties with babysitters etc. Definately up for the weekend in April though. Would love to hear from others (esp. A Team) so please pass on my e-mail add. if anyone wants it.

Thanks again, see you in April if not before.

Mandy Peters

Subject - BCU 1 Star Kayak course - Nov 2004

Hello Mike,
Thanks for getting in touch. Please count me in for the power boating (yipee!) Jeanette is unable to make that date.
I'd also like to sign up for a scuba session if there's space on any except December 5th.

As for paddling, it was the best weekend I've had in ages - thank you sooo much :)

OK, see you on the 11th.
Cheers, Angie

Subject - BCU 1 Star Kayak course - Nov 2004

Hello Mike,

Another great weekend, with excellent instruction from Alan and Yourself.

Just one criticism; I think there was something wrong with my Kayak, or are they designed to operate upside down?

Thanks mate. Ian.

Subject - BCU 1 Star Kayak course - Nov 2004

many thanks Mike and particularly enjoyed second day would be really interested to attend Aquasplash sessions when you have any info

Subject - BCU 1 Star Kayak course - Nov 2004

Hi Mike

It was a great weekend of Kayaking which i enjoyed very much. Its given me an incentive to want more, also to buy some equipment. I will certainly join the BCU. It was good to meet other people with the same interests.

I like to thank you and Alan for your time and effort in running the 1 Star course. I look forward to going on more activities like this one.


Mark Durrant

Subject - BCU 1 Star Kayak course - Nov 2004

Thanks Mike for organising and your help during the course. It was great fun, got me fitter and maybe started me on another hobby!

I hope to be able to practice my support strokes up there soon. And get on to 2 star next year perhaps!

See you,


Subject - Pool Kayak workshop 12th Dec 04

Well organised and great fun as expected from an eX-MEN activity. The numbers were about right for the size of pool.

Please keep up such events they are both educational and fun.



Subject - RYA Powerboat Level 1 course 20th November 04

Dear Mike

I would just like to thank you for organising the YHA powerboating on the 11th December. It was both enjoyable and a very educational experience. Are there any plans to put togather level 2 of the course?

In terms of future courses I have also been particularly interested in the following courses:

12th Feb Scuba Diving
8th/15th May - RYA Level 1 Sailing
17th/24th July - RYA Level 2 Sailing

I did look at kayaking/canoeing yet because there were no taster session i was a litle unsure as to whether you can still joing knowing that people are further into the courses beig offered.

I would also like to give thanks out to Duncan and John who taught us for the day.

Best regards


Subject - RYA Powerboat Level 1 course 11th December 04

I enjoyed the day at Wimbleball and benefited from the chance to learn new skills in a beautiful setting.

I look forward to more such opportunities in the future.

Gary Wiffen

Subject - RYA Powerboat Level 1 course 11th December 04

Hello Mike,

Superb course . Attained level 1 RYA and practical level 2. I now need to take the theory on level 2 to obtain the ticket. If this is possible in 2005 please let me know.

Many thanks to Duncan and John for their patience.


Richard Merriott.
Wimbleball Rowing Club.

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